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Find Your Best DIY Dollhouse Model

Find Your Best Dollhouse Buying a dollhouse is often a serious investment of both time and money. Which has probably led you to wonder: How am i able to choose the simplest dollhouse? Whether it’s something for yourself or something you propose on gifting to somebody else, you’ll be a touch confused about the way […]

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How to Choose a Dollhouse Glue

How to Choose a Dollhouse Glue There’s no shortage of dollhouse building supplies you’ll be wanting available once you start assembling your wooden dollhouse kit or room box. One of the foremost important dollhouse materials you’ll be wanting within arm’s reach is dollhouse glue. You’ve probably noticed there is a lot of dollhouse glues to […]

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What is Dollhouse Scale? Complete Guide

What is Dollhouse Scale? Your Complete Guide to Scale of Dollhouse Whether you’re new the planet of dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures or an old pro, there’s one thing you’ll encounter tons. which is a dollhouse scale. The scale refers to the ratio of a dollhouse or dollhouse miniature to an object in the real world. The dollhouse scale is usually expressed by two numbers […]