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What is Dollhouse Scale? Complete Guide

What is Dollhouse Scale?

Your Complete Guide to Scale of Dollhouse

Whether you’re new the planet of dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures or an old pro, there’s one thing you’ll encounter tonswhich is a dollhouse scale.

The scale refers to the ratio of a dollhouse or dollhouse miniature to an object in the real world. The dollhouse scale is usually expressed by two numbers with a slash or colon between them. (For instance, 1/12 or 1:12.) the larger the second number, the smaller the dollhouse or dollhouse miniature is.

Dollhouse Scale

Why Dollhouse Scale Exists

Most of the primary dollhouses from the 17th century until the sooner 20th century didn’t are available a consistent dollhouse scale. Sometimes, even the features of a private house weren’t made to one scale. As you’ll imagine, this might make the dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures inside them look “off.”

Things began to vary because the 20th century progressed. That’s when the world’s hottest dollhouse and dollhouse miniature manufacturers began to standardize their products. the foremost common dollhouse scale of the time was 1:18 scale. This  scale, which is never seen today, meant that an object that was one foot in the real-world was scaled right down to 2/3 inch as a miniature.

Today, virtually every dollhouse or dollhouse miniature conforms to one scale. The overwhelming majority fall into the five dollhouse scales explained below.

1:6 Scale

Also known as Playscale; fashion doll scale
About: A six-inch item in the real-world is represented together inch as a dollhouse miniature. the most important dollhouse scale; rarely seen in common dollhouse miniatures. Introduced in 1964 by Hasbro with the primary G.I. Joe dolls. Most Barbie, Ken, and other popular kids’ dolls are 1:6 dollhouse scale. Popular scale in Japan.
Pros: Easy for teenagers to understand and play with; often made from inexpensive plastic; readily available at big box stores
Cons: are often hard to display creatively thanks to large size; often related to children”s toys rather than collectible-quality dollhouse miniatures

1:12 Scale

Also known as the One-inch scale
About: a 1 foot item in the real-world is represented together inch as a dollhouse miniature. the foremost common dollhouse scale. Gained popularity after getting used in Queen Mary’s epic 1924 dollhouse. due to the system of weights and measures, German and a few other European dollhouse miniatures often substitute 1:10 scale for 1:12 scale.
Pros: Readily available; easy to figure with; preferred choice among dollhouse miniatures collectors
Cons: are often costlier than smaller scale miniatures; are often difficult to make very involved miniatures scenes thanks to size constraints

Dollhouse Scale

1:24 Dollhouse Scale

Also known as Half inch scale
About: a 1-foot item in the real-world is represented as a half-inch as a dollhouse miniature. The popular dollhouse scale within the 1950s started enjoying newfound popularity within the early 21st century.
Pros: Becoming more readily available because of renewed interest; often less costly than 1:12 scale dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures
Cons: Harder to seek out than 1:12 scale dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures

1:48 Dollhouse Scale

Also known as Quarter inch scale
About: a 1-foot item in the real-world is represented as 1 / 4 inch as a dollhouse miniature. Popular scale for diecast models, construction toys, and plastic models made up of kits. Gaining in popularity in North America and therefore the uk .
Pros: Adds a singular scale to your dollhouse miniatures collection
Cons: Harder to seek out than 1:12 scale and 1:24 scale; much harder to figure with than larger scale dollhouse and dollhouse miniatures thanks to its small size

1:144 Dollhouse Scale

Also known as Microscale; “dollhouse for a dollhouse”
About: 1/12 the dimensions of 1/12 scale dollhouse miniatures. the littlest possible dollhouse scale. The scale to use if you would like a “dollhouse for a dollhouse.”
Pros: Extra charming; adds a singular scale to your dollhouse miniatures collection
Cons: Hardest dollhouse scale to find; are often very hard to figure with; easy to lose; are often costlier than larger sizes thanks to the intricate level of labor needed

Which dollhouse scale is chatting with you? be happy to allow us to know within the comments below!

In addition to thousands of 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures, we’re also proud to hold 1:24 scale, 1:48 scale, and 1:444 scale dollhouse miniatures here at Little Shop of Miniatures. We hope you discover just what you are looking for–if not, don’t hesitate to Contact Us!


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