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After a year of plannings

About Us

Our journey began in 2018

our business was born at the end of our planning. We want everyone to have a hobby that they can create with their own hands.

We have 3 fundamental principles that will be the basis of all our work, the cornerstones of Diysonline.

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First principle

Truly Support DIY Hobby

We offer aesthetic products that everyone can create with their own hands, where they will be happy and have a pleasant time.

Our customers who are passionate about DIY products or who will make these products for the first time are very important to us.

After long researches, we offer the best products for sale on our site.

Discover your Creative side with Diysonline.com

Second principle

Keep our Quality to the Top!

We constantly search for the perfect product to satisfy our customers.

We work only with premium materials. We sell the highest quality products at the best prices.

All this ensures that our products are beautiful, durable and guaranteed.

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Third principle

Best Customer Service

We are always ready to respond as quickly as possible and to resolve any problems that may arise with orders, shipments and products.
We want to do things well, under every front, and that is why if something does not meet our expectations, or worse, those of our customers, we replace or send back the product without problems and quibbles. For the entire duration of its life cycle.

Lifetime warranty, but seriously.

My 11 year son old loves it! Excellent quality, challenging but doable. Kept him eager to complete it! My 13 year old son is now requesting one of his own.
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Angelica Binggs
London, UK
My granddaughter put this together and loved the music box feature. Such a great puzzle and toy!
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Nette Fishman
San Carlos, US