Vintage Gramophone DIY 3D Music Box
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Vintage Gramophone DIY 3D Music Box

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Vintage Gramophone DIY 3D Music Box

Vintage Gramophone DIY 3D Music Box Description:

【Original Design and Exquisite Technology】

The Wooden musical box kit uses original design and exquisite laser-cutting technology, each board after quite 12 screen printing to make sure a transparent pattern, full color. All inks are certified by CTI

【Audio-Visual Enjoyment and Entertainment】

After installation, you’ll rotate the spring, enjoy the music, watch a musical box on the rotating objects, quietly enjoy this excellent time. employing a high-quality serinette movement, it can play crisper music

【Wonderful Experience and Cooperation Projects】

The DIY wooden musical boxes can allow you to experience the fun of hands-on and brain. After assembling the finished work, you’ll have a way of accomplishment. this will even be assembled with others to assist increase the degree of understanding

【Recommend Gift and excellent Decoration】

When you would like to embellish your home or want to send a special gift, it’s suggested that you simply purchase a musical box like this, and other people who receive it’ll be very surprised. It is the simplest birthday Valentine’s Day gift for family, friends, lovers, boys, girls, adults and youngsters

【Matters Needing Attention】

Be careful when meeting small parts, don’t over force. additionally, it’s forbidden to start out subsequent step if the previous step isn’t installed properly. If there are some parts of the instruction doesn’t indicate the necessity for glue, you’ll reinforce it consistent with your own assembly and make it more stable

    • Assembled Size: 151*151*222mm
    • Package Size: 271*192*68.5mm
    • Wood Pieces: 109 pcs
    • Tunes: Unchained Melody


Vintage Gramophone DIY 3D Music Box Vintage Gramophone DIY 3D Music Box

What could possibly go wrong?

Building the kit is pretty straight-forward; you remove the parts and then snap or glue them into place. However all model building requires skill. If you’re not careful, you could damage the parts during removal, lose parts or install parts the wrong way round. Some parts are delicate and can get damaged if you apply too much pressure. As with any skill, the more you practice and the more experience you have, the better the result. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

What is the minimum recommended age to build the DIY Music Box?

10 – but builders at this age are likely to need some help. Children aged 14+ are more likely to be able to build independently.

What is the maximum recommend age to build the DIY Music Box?

The kit is designed for all ages, so if you love hands-on activities then don’t let age stop you. It helps if you have steady hands and decent eyesight. The writing on the instructions and some parts is small, so if you’ve hit middle-age, you’ll need your reading glasses on.

How does the music box work?

A key is supplied that fits through the side of the completed kit into the music box. Give it a few turns and enjoy the music. A shaft is fitted to the top of the music box that makes the animals move.

Can I store stuff in the music box?

No – this is not a ballerina type music box with an opening lid.

Do I need to paint it?

No – the music box parts are pre-painted.

Do all the parts need to be glued?

Some do, but other parts just snap into place. The instructions indicate when to use glue. Some wood glue is included in the kit.

Do the parts need to be sanded?

The parts on some wooden model kits can be slightly rough on the edges and on those occasions it’s recommended that you give them a light sanding. However, with most parts in this kit, this is unnecessary. Occasionally when you remove parts, they might not detach from the sheets cleanly, leaving a tiny burr. You can remove this using the supplied sandpaper.

Is the finished kit fragile?

It should be okay if it topples over. However, if it’s dropped from a height then I don’t like your chances. I’ve also sadly discovered that it is a bad idea to let a younger child operate it, because they take delight in stopping the moving parts by hand, which can irreparably damage your handiwork.


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