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There is a steam boy living in every man’s heart

There is a steam boy living in every man’s heart

The kettle creaked and the lid flipped up and down. There was a clever young boy fiddling with the lid, cover and uncover it over and over again.

This phenomenon has inspired young Watt. After years of practical research, Watt has finally completed the invention of a complete steam engine.
Since then, the world has entered the “steam age”, and the resulting steampunk culture has spread around the world.

Dark and damp London streets filling with the heavy fog; huge and heavy steam machinery with various gears; complex and crisscross copper pipes, rusty metal and inferior leather products. This is the first impression of steampunk culture. More and more artists have joined this cultural creation, steampunk-style works have sprung up. During at that time, this cultural had been expanded. Many new ideas have been come up with the emerging of different steampunk styles.

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Our ROKR designer is also a follower of the steampunk culture, so the “Mechanical Model” series had come out. In 1814, Stephenson produced the world’s first steam locomotive, named “Brook”, known as the “train.” In 1825, he collaborated with others to design and manufacture the “Traveler”, which was tested on the newly laid railway and succeeded. The LK701 laser-cutted locomotive of the ” Mechanical Model ” series was designed to pay tribute to the first steam train. Reinventing the great invention more than two hundred years ago!

The entire locomotive consists of 349 parts and components. The internal complex structure, such as a mechanical watch, is coordinated by multiple gears. It perfectly interprets the scientific and romantic steampunk spirit and the esthetic aesthetics, and shows the conquering ambition of mankind! At the same time, the locomotive leading the way to advance, and each completed step is a forward movement to the final! In conjunction with Newton’s third law and lever principle, energy is supplied by the spring and the spring hook. The gear and lever combination drive realizes the movement of the product. The ” Mechanical Model ” series does not require any power, it can be operated by physical principles, and finally presents such a sophisticated three-dimensional wooden model.

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The steampunk atmosphere is positive, full of magic and technology. It is a spiritual utopia to relive the glory of the steam industry era! To reproduce the crystallization of human mechanical wisdom, the scientific exploration is our only way to go!

LK701 laser-cutted locomotive, to the boy lives in your heart!

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