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New Space Travelling

Near-earth Space Tour—New Space Travelling

On September 17th, Musk announced the first private passenger in the history of the world: Yusaku Maezawa—a 43-year-old Japanese billionaire. A lot of people may agree that it is so cool to take a luxury travel like this. Today, the author will introduce you to another new concept of space travel!
There have been many airships in the movies used for transportation. The airship in “Mummy 2” is the most impressive, which is very consistent with the characteristics of that era. The rough tarpaulin, the rope-type hull, the fuel-carrying propeller, and the tail rudder at the tail of the nacelle to control the flight direction. Imagine traveling on such an airship, drinking a glass of wine, listening to the soft music, watching the sunset, enjoying the night sky, how pleasant it could be!So can it occur in real life?

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The Spanish company’s CEO Jose Mariano Lopez-Udiales will launch a “near-earth space tour”, which uses a giant helium balloon to bring passengers to nearly 360,000-meter-high in the stratosphere to overlook the vast universe and beautiful earth. Lopez-Udiales said: “We have conducted five airborne test flights, flying height can be as high as 32,000 meters. I think we are ready to send the first group of passengers to explore the near-Earth space.”
The balloon will cruise for about five hours at a height of approximately 36 kilometers from the ground, during the first three hours’ excursions, visitors can also have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular sunrise. After the trip, the giant helium balloon will leave the capsule. After the space capsule has landed at a certain height, a parachute attached to it will be opened and carry it slowly to the vicinity of the designated landing point.

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After finding out about “near-earth space tour”, do you have any new ideas about travelling?
Let’s follow the LK702 airship to enjoy the new way of travel!

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