ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01
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ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01

Original price was: 119.00 $.Current price is: 89.00 $.


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ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01


Steam Powered Time Travel Model- This meticulously crafted steam local replicas of the 18th century icons, encapsulating the grandeur of a bygon era The model boards are an authentic three speed control system (neutral, slow, and high), offering a realistic operation experience

Precision Assembly: Assembling this masterpiece typically requires around 7-8 hours, or about 9 for first timers Each component is numbered and comes with clear step by step instructions and detailed diagrams, ensuring a seamless build process

Perfect Fit&Easy Construction: Pieces are precision engineered to fit flawlessly, refining assembly frost No tools or glue are needed; Simply follow the directions for an enjoyable, satisfying challenge that improves your skills and patience

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 14.1 x 4.7 x 0.04 inches/(358mm x 120mm x 11mm)

Item Weight: 920g

Recommended Age: 14 years and above

ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01 Product Display:

indir 16 indir 17 indir 18 indir 19 indir 20 indir 21 indir 22 indir 23 indir 24 indir 25 indir 26 indir 27 indir 28 indir 29 indir 30 ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01

The ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01 offers a captivating blend of engineering, craftsmanship, and creativity, allowing you to build your very own working steam engine from scratch. This intricately designed puzzle kit features laser-cut wooden pieces that fit together seamlessly, resulting in a stunning replica of a classic steam engine.

Perfect for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of mechanical engineering, the ROKR Steam Engine puzzle provides hours of entertainment and satisfaction as you assemble each piece and watch your creation come to life.

With its realistic design and intricate details, the ROKR Steam Engine puzzle is as much a work of art as it is a functional model. From the spinning flywheel to the moving pistons, every component of the steam engine is faithfully recreated, giving you a true-to-life representation of this iconic piece of machinery.

But the fun doesn’t stop once you’ve completed the assembly. Once built, the ROKR Steam Engine puzzle can be operated manually, allowing you to experience the thrill of watching the gears turn and the pistons move as you power the engine with the included hand crank.

In addition to its entertainment value, the ROKR Steam Engine puzzle also offers educational benefits, providing a hands-on opportunity to learn about the principles of steam power and mechanical engineering. Whether you’re a student exploring STEM concepts or simply curious about how machines work, this puzzle kit offers a fun and engaging way to expand your knowledge.

With its high-quality materials, precise engineering, and attention to detail, the ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01 is sure to impress both young and old alike. Whether you’re building it for yourself or giving it as a gift, this puzzle kit is guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment and serve as a stunning centerpiece for any collection.

The assembly process of the ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01 is not only entertaining but also educational, fostering problem-solving skills, patience, and attention to detail. As you carefully fit each piece together, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of mechanical systems and appreciate the intricacies of steam-powered technology.

Furthermore, the finished product serves as a beautiful display piece, showcasing your craftsmanship and serving as a conversation starter. Whether displayed on a shelf in your home or proudly showcased in your office, the ROKR Steam Engine puzzle is sure to draw admiration and spark curiosity.

Moreover, the ROKR Steam Engine puzzle is eco-friendly, made from sustainably sourced wood and non-toxic materials. This ensures that not only is the puzzle safe for you to handle, but it also minimizes its impact on the environment, making it a responsible choice for conscientious consumers.

In conclusion, the ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01 offers a unique combination of entertainment, education, and environmental responsibility. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of mechanical models, this puzzle kit provides a rewarding and enriching experience that will leave you feeling accomplished and inspired.



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