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Robotime DIY Kits Product Showcase

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Robotime Rolife Model Kits provides many creative items that are easy to assemble and therapeutic for stress, including DIY Dollhouses, DIY Music Boxes, Flower Pots, Modern 3D Wooden Puzzles and so on. And our products have been sold in many countries all World.


We plan, we produce, we assemble. Who wouldn’t adore such choice art units and endowments? Discover your energy in it. We should assemble something astonishing!

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robotime  provides many creative items that are easy to assemble and therapeutic for stress, including DIY miniature house, DIY Music Boxes, Flower Pots, Modern 3D Wooden Puzzles and so on. And our products have been sold in many countries all World



It will be a fun endeavor to improve your manual skills, whether alone or with your loved ones.

When the DIY miniature houses are finished, they will be the perfect decorative object for your living space.



It will be an activity you can customize with your own accessories and spend a long time.

Discover the beauties of the world with your own hands. You will enjoy watching it after you finish it.

Robotime Rolife is dedicated to investigating the limitless prospects of life and making a social and innovative brand that covers imaginative DIY, perfect blessings and fun carport packs. We advocate the idea of moderate life to help individuals locate a superior method to liberate themselves from the rushing about of regular daily existence.

All parts of Robotime Rolife Model Kits come to you in a special box. All you need to do is to assemble miniature house model parts with your own dexterity.

One of the biggest mistakes to be made is to see that magnificent miniature house model of your dreams in one corner of your house as soon as you start. Robotime DIY house models that will decorate your dream requires a long effort. Therefore, your first study should be a correctly selected model. Provide you with all the tools and materials you may need to build the Robotime DIY house model in advance. Choose yourself a comfortable environment to create. Keep in mind that the parts will remain in the environment for a long time as they will spread over a large area and the miniature house models will not be completed immediately.


In Robotime Rolife model kits that require painting, it is useful to do a painting without joining the parts. This may become difficult later. If you can handle it with the deterioration of the components during assembly sealant.

You can apply the aging method to increase the proximity of your Robotime miniature house model to reality. You can support surfaces such as floors with wooden rods that should be applied as the paper. A painting should be made after examining photos of the first model for this study.

Patience is always at the forefront of model house model making. When you are unhappy, do not go to the model, do not rush, do not stay sleepless because of the model … Do not let this work that you do to spend a pleasant time turn into an activity that will force you.

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Robotime DIY doll house is very well made, using a miniature scale of about 1:24.

【English Instruction with Illustration】Cute and Amazing Robotime DIY House, English Assembly Instructions with detailed illustration and picture.

【Dollhouse Light】Decorate your room,tables and showcases after finishing the kit. It’s more beautiful when turning on the light.

【Educational Toys】 Stress reliever for adults. Ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in boys and girls. Inspire open-ended thinking, Encourage kids hand to eye coordination, concentration, and an understanding of spatial relationships and to see new possibilities. Prefect family game, especially fit adults and children to play it together.

【Safe, Non-Toxic, Highest Quality Material】Suitable for 14 years and upwards.

We design, we produce, we build. Who wouldn’t love such exquisite craft kits and gifts? Find your passion in it. Let’s build something amazing

Robotime DIY , established in 2007, having some expertise in planning, assembling and selling Wooden Puzzles and instructive toys for Kids and Adults. Presently Robotime is growing its business as Robotime Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. We are committed to giving Innovative, Imaginative, Intelligent and Interactive items. Our principal mission is to supply “All out Puzzle Solution” to the world and cause amusing to all ages who to amass ROBOTIME items.

Robotime® offers a world first in 3-D Assembly Puzzle innovation. Beginning with the automated T-REX, Robotime currently makes more than 400 DIY wooden riddle things. Our produtcts rangs from Robotic Dinosaurs, Mechanical Gears, DIY house, Music Box,Cars, Airplanes, world-known designs and numerous other simple DIY things. We will likely form DIY enjoyable to your life that put a grin all over. Furthermore, our incredible Research&Design group can redo the venture as you like.