Robotime Rolife Sunset Carnival Music Box
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Robotime Rolife Sunset Carnival Music Box

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Robotime Rolife Sunset Carnival Music Box with Lights



1. Real leather and transparent PET screen for a luxurious texture and breakthrough in materials.
2. Intricate exterior details, including roller coaster silhouettes and a movable circus, providing a fun and engaging experience.
3. Atmospheric and realistic sunset lamp, with an eco-friendly USB interface.
4. Split-body design for independent control over light and music, with clear and lively music and a simulated speed to match the dynamic scene.
5. Doubles as a night light, with the classic Bach composition, G Major Minuet, providing a sophisticated taste.



1. Due to shipping issue, wax pigment is not included in the package, and this model does not need it also.

2. The charging port is type-c, and the cable does not including in the package, you can use the cellphone cable to charge.


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