Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle Steampunk Design
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Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle Steampunk Design

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Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle Steampunk Design

  • The Storm Beetle MI03 is the second product of Rokr’s DIY Mechanic Organism 3D puzzle Series after the Scout Beetle MI02. Inspired by the real stag beetle in nature, our designers combined steampunk elements with it to create a highly mechanical aesthetic stag beetle model while retaining its details, such as the body shape, the large jaws, and the wings.
  • The main body of the beetle is made of ABS polymer structure material with good impact resistance, and the limbs are made of soft PVC material to protect the model better.
  • As the attacker in the team, the set-up of the stag beetle has a comprehensive and powerful attack capabilities, using the silver-painted bite pincers as the main attack weapon in close combat, and the extra-long heavy cannon on the back can also take advantage of the long-range fire in the bombardment.
  • At the same time, the laser speed cannon on top of the stag beetle body will fire laser rounds to shoot down threatening units when encountering fire coverage, and the key parts of the six pairs of appendages are also covered with armor to avoid losing combat ability in fierce close range engagements.
  • After connecting the custom base, the model can be activated by gently touching the activation point at the top of the base:the membranous wings can vibrate 920 times per minute, and the two huge jaws will also clamp at a frequency of 30 times per minute, simulating the movement of real stag beetles.


Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle Product Display:

Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle S15f36c582e8e4628a0f95b0785c2b761j S26c459804d1f448f92992ea71894b9deX S836e685283924124a64f12873e759bb9E S91a24cd36c9142318916a9b7140ad643e Sbac4b01b0eb84a078b938911752c8aa3E S331dd8a77ef74c46935149c55f16b00eP S9f9483424e364456bbed29e22116cab40Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle

Explore the Fascinating World of Steampunk with Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle

Introducing the Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle, a masterpiece of mechanical marvel, intricate design, and steampunk aesthetics. This exceptional 3D wooden puzzle is not just a captivating project; it’s an invitation to journey into the world of steampunk, creativity, and innovation. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the MI03 kit, explore its boundless creative potential, and uncover the joy it offers to puzzle enthusiasts, collectors, and steampunk aficionados.

The Magic of Steampunk

Steampunk is a genre and artistic style that combines elements of the past with futuristic technology, often featuring gears, cogs, and an elegant Victorian aesthetic. The Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle pays homage to the world of steampunk, allowing you to construct a remarkable mechanical beetle with a touch of retro-futurism. Crafted with precision and creativity, this kit empowers you to bring a sense of wonder and innovation into your life.

Unveiling the Kit

The MI03 Storm Beetle Kit arrives with a meticulously curated collection of components, providing you with everything you need to construct your steampunk masterpiece:

1. High-Quality Wooden Pieces

The foundation of your Storm Beetle is crafted from premium wooden materials, ensuring durability and resilience for your mechanical creation. The pieces are precisely laser-cut to guarantee a perfect fit.

2. Intricate Gear Mechanism

At the heart of the Storm Beetle lies an intricate gear mechanism. Assemble the gears, cogs, and wheels to bring your beetle to life. Witness the magic of steampunk engineering as each turn of the crank powers the beetle’s movement.

3. Step-by-Step Instructions

The kit includes step-by-step, user-friendly instructions, making the assembly process accessible to both experienced engineers and newcomers. These detailed guidelines ensure a gratifying and stress-free crafting experience.

4. Unique Design Elements

The Storm Beetle boasts intricate design elements, from its delicate legs to its ornate shell. It’s a work of art that combines form and function, seamlessly blending the steampunk aesthetic with mechanical brilliance.

Craft Your Steampunk Marvel

Your Storm Beetle is a blank canvas awaiting your creative touch. Customize your beetle with paints, stains, or leave it in its natural wooden beauty. The choice is yours. As you construct this remarkable creation, you’ll discover a sense of achievement and a deeper connection with the world of steampunk.

The Joy of Crafting

Assembling the Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle is more than a pastime; it’s an immersive journey filled with joy and satisfaction. The kit is designed to accommodate all skill levels, from experienced engineers to those new to the world of steampunk puzzles. Regardless of your background, you’ll find the construction process both enlightening and gratifying.

A Unique Gift of Steampunk Splendor

The MI03 Kit makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for those who appreciate the art of steampunk, the magic of mechanical puzzles, and the joy of crafting. Whether you’re gifting it to a friend, family member, or keeping it for yourself, this Storm Beetle is a unique and elegant choice.

Showcase Your Steampunk Ingenuity

Once your Storm Beetle masterpiece is complete, it deserves a place of honor. Display it on your desk, shelf, or any prominent spot in your home to showcase your steampunk creativity. Share it with friends and family, sparking conversations about the allure of steampunk and the joy of crafting.

Join the Steampunk Enthusiasts’ Community

Connect with fellow steampunk enthusiasts who share your passion for this unique genre. Share your Storm Beetle creations, gain inspiration, and become part of a vibrant community that celebrates the art of steampunk and crafting.

Order Your Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle Today

Embark on a journey of steampunk artistry, creativity, and innovation with the Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle. Order yours today and become part of a world where gears, cogs, and Victorian charm create a unique fusion of the past and the future.

Craft Your Steampunk Dreams

The Robotime Rokr MI03 Storm Beetle is more than a puzzle; it’s an invitation to craft your own world of steampunk wonder. Immerse yourself in the world of steampunk and let your imagination soar. Whether you’re exploring the intricacies of the gear mechanism or adding your artistic touch, your Storm Beetle is a tribute to the enduring allure of creativity, innovation, and the joy of crafting.


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