Robotime Rokr Golden Coin Turtle Steampunk Design

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Robotime Rokr Golden Coin Turtle Steampunk Design 199.00 $ 89.00 $
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Robotime Rokr Golden Coin Turtle Steampunk Design with LED Light


1. The product requires 3 AAA 1.5V LR03 batteries, which can operate continuously for 3 minutes after each start (automatically stop after 3 minutes).

2. Due to the shipping issue, the wax and the oil are do not including in the package, please help to understand.



1. Bionic mechanical beetle,V-type eight-cylinder engine, powerful power core

2. Metal-etched film wings, simulated flight super frequency resonance, 1200 revolutions per minute, 618 times per minute

3. Energy indicator light, enhanced power perception, red LED strobe light, illuminating the

4. internal mechanical structure of the engine,armor-reinforced collision horns, team command center. Planet deceleration motor, kinetic energy core, steady-state function

5.Orange grain leather with a retro steampunk look. Hard-wing mounted leather material to enhance protection capabilities.

6. Industrial-style base, touch-type sensing switch. Brass start button and accessory nameplate, dual mode of play and display.

Robotime Rokr Golden Coin Turtle Steampunk Design Product Display:

Robotime Rokr Golden Coin Turtle Steampunk DesignSa2eb241ce0da467487c8f895f0b939917S6b6b59e4882846b69040920aff4324aehSc04b9e55305f4720b1fc99b59ae58ac4uSdb21bd7376564d3db8ea5adb4bba8429pS376e5c885c4a4de3b0b7a7df21bb0451SScbd12fd3157d4263a38c121989bff027AScb89600bc10a44bbbd539de70e4ca509sSd5e1af2a668649c684581aea27278b4e6S8a5dd20358d445a8ba4459be84577bb8MSdfe7d69328d849d4b253aaca36758dd28S2803db3c79e4482ba14cb9b66cf7d170dS8ca8ec712ce34662b3e1bfb1b0862362gSc9a454c4cb2c4a178e34b7ddb8c12197DS84ce591dcd1144e7a9549606624dc4adVS437af874fd4a4c369d04ef5383fef7977S45add608e1ac47209e634ecd6fc5463fh

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Golden Coin Turtle


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